Repeatable Regions

Create repeatable regions with the section-tool

Create repeatable regions with the section-tool

This tool can be used for repeatable regions that you want to be able to duplicate. For example: lines in a table, news pages or a blog article overview page.

Here is what you’ll need: 

  • data-mercury=”extra”  
  • ID  
  • data-extra=”section" 
  • data-extra-name=”This is where you insert the title for your repeatable region, it will show in the extra panel” 
  • data-scope=”site” optional e.g. for multilingual sites data-scope=”folder”

Step 1: Define the region that you want to make repeatable.


Step 2: Define the start of the section items by adding data-section=”true” to the div mentioned above.


Step 3: You have to insert at least one section item. All direct child elements of the data-section=”true” tag will be viewed as section items. You can’t delete the last section item in the editor.  Use data-extra-editable=”true” to make the content inside the section items editable.


Now on to the complete example: