Quick Project Setup

Project setup with smooster is super fast and takes only four easy steps to complete.

Step 1: Create your new website project on your local device

Code your website project like you always do, you don’t need a local server.

Download our kick off HTML project for an even faster start here

Tip: Put all your media assets (e.g. CSS, JS, images) in a “media” subfolder. smooster is able to recognise this structure automatically. 

Step 2: Define editable regions easily with HTML attributes

All you need to make a region in your template editable is the data mercury attribute data-mercury=”full” and an ID. The ID works just like in CSS and can be anything you choose.


Step 3: Create a new site and upload all your media assets easily via the web interface

Tip: It’s better to upload media assets first and the HTML layout second. This way smooster will automatically replace the path to your media files in the HTML code.

Step 4: Insert the content yourself or give your client access to the website

Please turn on the subtitles to get English descriptions for these tutorials.