I am excited to have you using smooster to create a website! 

My name is Sebastian Maier and I am the CEO and founder of smooster. The idea for smooster started in 2010. Until then I had worked several years together with designers as a freelance web developer. smooster was built on top of my experiences during that time. While developing smooster we had one goal: to make building unique websites easier, faster and simply more fun for designers. On our way to achieving that, we found a challenge but also a solution in making sure our technology was always able to adapt. We believe that technology follows design and usability - not the other way around. 

smooster CMS was developed based on the latest technologies, like Ruby, the NoSQL database MongoDB and the scalable, stable and secure cloud infrastructures of Amazon AWS. smooster is built around a template engine specifically developed for the CMS that you will be able to learn everything about in this documentation. 

With smooster CMS you won’t need to use any complicated template variables like PHP, but instead you will be able to make your website editable using only HTML attributes. This makes coding websites 1/3 faster. You can edit your templates via inline editing directly inside the page, making smooster an easy-to-use CMS, whether you’re a professional or a beginner. Since editing content with smooster is easier, you’ll save up to 25% of time  compared to other systems. 

Do you have questions or feedback, just email me: sebastian@smooster.com

Now, let’s get started!


Sebastian Maier

P.S. If you want to know more about some of the backstory to smooster, just keep on reading. If you want to start with the documentation, let’s jump right into it.  


Backstory and Vision 

After realising that my first CMS, that I worked on for seven years, couldn’t become what I needed by simply upgrading it anymore, I began building smooster CMS from scratch. We started the first prototype for smooster with a few live websites in 2012. Two years later in 2014, after constantly developing the CMS and making it better, we decided it was now the right time to make smooster CMS accessible for web designers.  

smooster is a hosted CMS, so you can start right away without stressing yourself with setup or installation. We also take care of updates, backups and maintenance, so you don’t have to. Every smooster website comes with secure and powerful cloud hosting on a business level. We partner with Amazon AWS who guarantees an uptime of 99,99%, that we are constantly monitoring.