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Websites Where White Space Is an Important Design Element - Part 2

October 9, 2014, by Sebastian Maier

CC Creation Website

Since mankind started producing printed matter, he has also occupied himself with the space between the shapes known as “white space” in typography. For the empty background is more than just unused space, it is always part of the design too.

In the first part of this article, I have already shown you some examples, in which white space, in my view, was integrated particularly well into the web design. For everyone, who would like to see even more of these elegant design samples, here is Part 2.


Essential Icons Website

Being both simple and cheerful doesn’t have to be like trying to square the circle. The website of Essential Icons demonstrates this point. While scrolling down, not only does the color change, but it also takes a while for the animated logos to be completely displayed. In addition, the navigation is, unaccustomedly, at the bottom of the page.

This does not only increase the interest in the icons offered for free download, but also in the agency, to whom the operator of the website links in the description as his employer.


Rauh Zahntechnik Website

Many new things are going on at Zahntechnik Rauh: The relaunch of the website is over and, in the new appearance with much space, the laboratory colors were particularly placed in the limelight. (By the way, this is a smooster project.) Additionally, the dental laboratory just moved to its new offices the compressed and elegant web presence, which concentrates on the most important information and contact data, symbolizes a new beginning.

Moreover, due to the parallax effect, the three icons at the top of the website always remain in their place and intensify the modernity of the web design.


Rockaway Relief Website

On a website, a white background can draw attention to the central message amazingly well. In an aid project like “Rockaway Relief” for the Rockaway peninsula devastated by Hurricane Sandy, this is particularly effective.

In the one pager, whose individual parts are optically separated only through a change between white and a decent light gray, background information is even on display, but at the end, it was only about this: RSVP to volunteer!


CC Creation Website

The website of communications designer, Carola Notzon, is consciously designed simplistically by focusing on the red logo. (By the way, this is a  SMOOSTER project.)

The paper look of the background symbolises the creative process of the service, just like another small gimmick; by clicking on the red semicircle at the top right corner of the page, a quote of the day, which has to do with the subject of design, is displayed.

If you click on the icons on the right, they move to the left and make room for the subcategories. In this otherwise very simple web design, the “look book”, in particular, and the case studies that appear underneath it are in the limelight.


Google Homepage

The Google homepage is very well the ultimate example of web design, in which white space is utilized generously. The focus stays on the logo and the search field, nothing else. Thus, the search engine operator makes two things clear straightway; Google is the biggest player and does not need to “fill up” its website with news, ad banners etc, apart from that, the search engine is as user-friendly as the clear and simple internet presence.

I for one can’t get quite enough of these beautiful designs. Do you still still have other examples of websites, where white space was consistently integrated as a design element?

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