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Tips for Persuading Small Businesses to Choose a Professional Website

28.08.2914 by 

Individual webdesign is beneficial for small businesses as well.

As a freelancer or even as an agency, gaining new customers is always challenging. This challenge generally grows depending on the size of the potential customer - and in fact, it grows inversely: the smaller the customer, the more difficult it is to convey to him the advantages of having a professionally designed and developed website.

Why is that?

For a small business, managing budgets is not an abstract activity, but rather, the business knows exactly where every cent comes from and where it is going.

An individual entrepreneur would especially like to know why he should reach even more deeply into his pocket to pay a professional to build his website. At first glance, realistically calculated web design often does not seem to be affordable due to its perceived high cost.

Local searches: small businesses can profit

It is surprising that small businesses, especially, quite often barely have any idea about everything they can achieve by using the Internet.

study by Google revealed that:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to obtain information about local offers or services.
  • 50% of all customers who perform a local search end up visiting a store within one day.

Small, local businesses, especially, would thus profit greatly by having a persuasive website! But why should they resort to a professionally designed website and not to a "website construction kit" which, in some cases, can be much less expensive?

Exactly at this point in the sales pitch is when you should persuasively introduce to the customer the idea of collaborating with a professional  only then will an order or contract come about. Based on my own experience, I have put together for you a couple of tips for compelling arguments that can help you further in similar situations in the future.

Websites are the "new" shop signs in the internet.

Websites are the "new“ shop signs

All businesses place great emphasis on maintaining a well-groomed and attractive exterior that reflects their own particular brand. Entrepreneurs know that the first impression on the customer always counts.

As mentioned above, the vast majority of users these days obtain information themselves on the Web before making a purchase. Many make the decision as to whether they will visit a store or not, based solely on the website. Thus, the first "Web-impression“ by now counts almost more than the shop sign!

Only through collaboration with a professional can a website be optimized to the point at which company, corporate design and Internet presence together create a coherent picture and make an exceptional impression on new and existing customers at every
"Point of Sale.“

Design sells!

In his book "Blog Boosting,“ published in 2012, professional blogger Michael Firnkes describes the success he was able to achieve after his website was professionally redesigned: 

"And although the previous layout was by no means "hideous," this overhaul and the associated improvements alone, produced a reader and revenue increase of up to 50% for me. [...] Since then, no designer or graphic artist has to convince me any more about how important the "outsider effect" itself can be, when it comes to small portals.“

In plain English: by using poor or mediocre design, you are basically cheating yourself out of sales! Any questions?

Unexpected features

Many businesses have no idea of all the things that can be achieved by using a website: marketing, sales, payment functions, customer service and much more. When you bring these previously unforeseen features closer to their attention, they very quickly realize that only a professional can effectively "forge" a website that takes all of their very personal and varied demands into consideration.

An investment in the future

A small business must ultimately understand that a high-quality website is an important investment in the future of the company and the price should be a secondary consideration to a certain extent.

Extensive consultation on the part of freelancers or the agency is essential in achieving this understanding, through which trust is established and the end result of which is a custom-made offer for the customer - in which he can see what kind of service he will eventually receive and the sort of concrete added value all this will offer him.

How are your client meetings with small businesses going? How do you communicate to them that it is well worthwhile to transition to a professionally designed website?

(picture credits: mecc  / pixelio.de)

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