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The Layout of a Good Landing Page

November 27 ,2014, by Sebastian Maier

good Landingpage check24 banner

Landing pages are subpages on a website or sometimes also stand-alone microsites with a specific purpose. Their general purpose is to “fetch” the user in a targeted manner during the course of a search for a concrete keyword in a search engine or to provide a starting point in the web for a marketing campaign or an event.

I constantly hear from the designers who collaborate with us that they are not sure about how a good landing page should generally be designed. Since this involves more than just the design, and also entails a certain degree of marketing knowledge, I would like to more precisely examine the topic of “good landing pages” in this article.

Purchasing Automobile Insurance

In order to find an example of a good landing page, I used Google to search for the keyword string “automobile insurance purchase,” which, without a doubt, is highly competitive. Through a Google AdWords advertisement, I came across the landing page for Check 24, one of the market leaders in this sector in Germany. Since it is designed in an absolutely professional manner, it should serve here for demonstration purposes.

Through this example, I would like to explain to you how a good landing page should be designed, what information should not be missing, and what content should be left out.

Check 24’s landing page dealing with the topic of automobile insurance

Landingpage check24

Focusing on the Essential

A landing page focuses on one topic and nothing else. Consequently, in the best case scenario, there should not be any distracting navigation or side boxes visible. The offer and the most important information, which is the what, the who, the how, and the why, should be emphasized.

And that is how Check 24 does it. Here, it truly is all about finding suitable automobile insurance. This is just what the user would also like to see during a targeted search.

Contact Options

What if the visitor still has questions? How irritating would it be if he leaves the landing page immediately, because he does not know what direction to take! That is why it is very important to provide an uncomplicated contact option.

At Check 24, this is provided at the very top of the page, where the “free advice” hotline and the service hours are prominently specified.

Customer Benefits

Why should the customer prefer the product on the landing page to a competitor’s product? The offer’s advantages must be recognizable directly at a glance in order for the customer to do anything.

Check 24 communicates the benefits directly into the customer’s field of view. These include the 20-euro coupon, the large comparative database with 270 vendors, the high, 99 percent rate of customer satisfaction, and its test winner scores.

Call to Action

The call to action is one of the most important aspects of a landing page, as it ultimately is about encouraging the user to take a specific action. This is generally something along the lines of “buy now” or “order now.”

In Check 24’s case, “compare” is the call to action, because in relation to the purchase and acquisition of automobile insurance, this logically takes precedence in Check 24’s sales strategy. One can see that the call to action can definitely be customized. Yet it must be available.

There is always also something to be fussy about

As ideally as this Check 24 landing page is designed, I would have made the text in the content box under the call to action somewhat more streamlined. On the other hand, there are certainly many users who would be glad to receive detailed information before they get started.

Anyway, this is just my subjective impression. So, in principle, Check 24’s landing page gets a 1.0 from me!

How do you like this example of a good landing page?

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