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Responsive and Minimalist - Welcome to the New smooster Blog

2014.06.27 by

Responsive and minimalist -- Welcome to the new smooster blog

In February, after having overhauled the structure and design of smooster.com, we just had to deal with the blog next and integrate it better into the rest of the website.  However, as it happens, we have had scores of exciting web projects, which we implemented together with our designers. It thus took us quite a while before we could attend to our own blog.     

Simple Structure and Responsive Design with a focus on content   

While searching for a suitable format for the blog, we thought outside the box, took a look at many good examples and came back to the starting point.  Although we had occasionally thought about, for example, installing a sidebar with even more information, we finally decided that a single-column, definite structure would best place the focus on what counts; the article.           

In order for it to be legible on both desktops and mobile devices, we have various adjustments:     

  • Cover pictures are cut out when the site is displayed on small screens or screens with iPad-like resolutions   
  • The pictures in the article are scaled based on screen size     
  • Under the blog overview, you will see the five most recent articles first, but you can load additional articles (in this way, you won’t strain your cellular internet connection)            

Blog simply without a blogging platform   

Unlike other CMS, which originally emerged from a blogging platform, smooster is primarily a CMS for websites, but the flexible system also makes the integration of blog functions with HTML and CSS possible.         

smooster lets you blog easily without a blogging platform        

Unlike the rest of the website, the blog section is updated especially often, and new subpages added.  In order to speed up the configuration of new articles, we have installed a JavaScript snippet that automatically generates the blog summary from the recent articles. Since Google is also becoming increasingly better at interpreting JavaScript in websites like a normal visitor, using it in this situation is no longer disadvantageous as it relates to SEO.     

In addition, both the RSS feed and the comments function are back.  We do not use functions like search, archive, categories or social media buttons in our blog, but it is absolutely possible to do so.  You can just contact us if you are interested.        

The contents of the blog will continue to cover three subject areas in particular:   

  • News about smooster CMS, namely, new functions, offers, project summary, etc.   
  • Information on web design trends and inspiration for web design   
  • Insights and trivia on the technical aspect of our web projects        

Are there topics that you particularly like or about which you would like to know more?   Let me know in the comments or send us an e-mail.

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