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Redesign with smooster and an Integrated DaWanda Online Shop for the Blankets of Le Potpourri

September 25, 2014, by Sebastian Maier

Le Potpourri

Furnishing one’s own personal space is a mission, on which many people spend countless afternoons in various furniture stores. At the latest though, if you have seen a table cloth similar to yours at the homes of five other friends, you begin to look around for particular custom pieces. Le Potpourri offers this uniqueness in the form of traditionally produced blankets, duvets, and decorative items selected piece by piece and imported into Germany from India.

With the redesign of the website, these home accessories should be presented in a new, more modern look and also be made available for online purchase via an integrated online shop.

Customized advice for the suitable online shop

Before the designers of and Kommunikationsdesign could begin with the drafts, we set about looking for a suitable solution for the new online shop with Mr. Vijay Sarwan of Le Potpourri. The smooster mini shop, a solution that is 100 % adaptable to a small number of products, would also have been fitting for the set number of 50 products. After further discussions about the requirements of the online shop, Mr. Sarwan decided on a shop managed by the online marketplace, DaWanda. This shop was then integrated smoothly into the new web design by smooster.

Le Potpourri Welcome Page

Update websites quickly

Le Potpourri does not sell the blankets and duvets only through the online shop, but also through fairs. Therefore, it was very important that Mr. Sarwan would be able to edit and change current fair dates easily on the website. With smooster CMS, such changes can be done easily and directly in the website thanks to the so-called inline editing feature.

Le Potpourri update website

Be comfortable at home, discover the collection on the go

In line with the new, modern design, the website was created using responsive design and can comfortably be navigated on tablets and smartphones.

Le Potpourri Responsive Design

Since some content is hidden on small screen displays and other content would have to be displayed in its place, smooster offers an additional smartphone view, which allows the same editing options as the usual desktop view. Thus, changes to the website can be carried out and reviewed directly in the CMS in both views.

smartphone view

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