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New in the CMS: Text Formatting That Thinks for You and Ubuntu Everywhere

2014.04.25 by 

New in the CMS: Text formatting that thinks for you and Ubuntu everywhere

Last week we implemented a few updates, both small and large, in smooster CMS. Included in these were a few visual changes, a few bug fixes, and improved text formatting with which you can work much more easily with previously edited text. 


This is a small change, but is the most easily noticed one and it affects the whole CMS. We have converted the font to Ubuntu. We are using the same font that we have used since the beginning on SMOOSTER.COM and in our logo.

Also all our buttons which have anything to do with the construction of new websites, sub-pages, media assets or folders are highlighted in a strong green, which helps you navigate in the CMS.

We are using the same font that we have used since the beginning on SMOOSTER.COM and in our logo.


In the upper left section of the editor you can chose, as usual, from various pre-defined formatting settings. These settings were applied on implementation of the website in CSS and can be adjusted individually for any website.

Now you can not only use the menu to work with unformatted text, but also to display previous formatting. To do this, simply click in the text (or highlight it) and open text formatting. The selected formatting is then already highlighted.

Die neue Textformatierung denkt mit

For text with several formatting settings the last setting will always be displayed; in our case, “white text”.

Hint: to get to the underlying formatting, you can click on the formatting removal button (the X beneath the smartphone view button). You will then be shown the underlying formatting: in this case “H1”.

Um an die darunter liegende Formatierung zu gelangen, kannst du auf den Formatierung-entfernen-Button (das X unter der Smartphone-Ansicht) klicken.

Alongside these two updates we have also implemented a few bug fixes. Included in these were:

  • Trouble-shooting for automatic payment by email forms (e.g. for order numbers)
  • Correction of date displays on new sub-pages
  • Improvement of settings for new demos

The improvement to text formatting is due to your feedback. We are always happy to hear how we can make our existing features even better, or which features you would like to see utilised in smooster CMS.

Have you got feedback for us? Then contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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