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How We Ensure Consistent Quality in Web Projects

2014.04.02 by 

How we ensure consistent quality in web projects

The idea for smooster resulted from my many years of working as a freelancer. From the experiences of this period, I learned many things, which now make it possible for us to implement individual websites in 10 days and to deliver them to the designers in such a way that they can immediately start working on the contents.

As a complement to the insight into the project handling process with smooster on SMOOSTER.COM, you can learn more about the quality control that runs through each smooster website after our implementation. Using the 'two-man rule', we make sure that the implemented layout templates correspond to our standards and prepare the website for the designer to review. In the following section, you can see, what comprises our quality control process and which items are necessary, in our opinion, for ensuring consistent quality.


smooster makes it possible to implement websites in the CMS using just HTML and CSS skills or to have smooster take over the implementation straightaway. That this process not only includes a pixel-perfect implementation, but also covers technical support for registering or transferring the domain and the email accounts, is part of our understanding for simple, flexible technology. If you want to know more about the operational sequence of a project with smooster, just take a look at the showcase on KIEFERORTHOPAEDIE­RUEDERSDORF.DE a dentists' website we built together with the designer Carola Notzon.

The 'two-man review', in which we review the website and make it ready to be transferred to the designer, completes the implementation of a web project at smooster. It consists of the following aspects:

  • Exact comparison of the design and the layout template - During implementation, we make sure that the design is implemented exactly the way we received it from you. We take all the information and pictures required for this implementation from the graphics file [[[(PSD, AI, ID)]]] and make sure that the loading time of the pages is kept as low as possible using HTML and CSS. After implementation, we use the 'two-man review' to confirm that everything was implemented the way your proof pdf intended.
  • Testing all editing functions - We have already filled each layout template with dummy text and images, which you can quickly replace with the real content after creating a new subpage. After implementation, we check the different formatting options that were created for the project, as well as individual website elements (such as navigation, footers, animations etc.) or databases.
  • Advanced test for responsive web design - In addition, we extensively test responsive websites on various screen sizes (tablet and smartphone) and in the major operating systems.
  • Creating a sample page per layout template - Before handing over the web project, we create a sample page of each layout template. In addition, you get a list of all individual layout templates and the subpages that can be created with them.

After the quality control, we hand the website over to you. If you still have customization requests after reviewing the page, send them to us, and we will effect the changes. Each page created using smooster includes a correction loop. After that, you can add the contents or unlock it for your client to do so.

Click here to find out more about how we builT kieferorthopaedie-ruedersdorf.de

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