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Google My Business: Local SEO Optimization for Companies

18.09.2014 by Sebastian Maier

Google My Business

Not too long ago, companies found it rather confusing and complicated to position themselves in the various Google services like Google Maps and Places, Google+ and Google Search.

With Google My Business, the search engine provider has been offering, for a couple of months now, a single access point for companies, in order to optimize their local SEO. In this article, I want to show you how this tool works, and analyze its usefulness in addition to conventional SEO methods.

A simple click will set you on your way!

By clicking on the "Get onto Google" button, you are already on your way.

Get onto Google

Update company information centrally

As a first step, you will be asked to enter your address and company information such as the web address or telephone number. If the company does not have an entry in Google Maps yet, the data have to be reentered.

A postcard containing a confirmation code is then sent to the designated address. Some functions are blocked and the Google My Business profile remains unverified until the confirmation code is received and entered.

However, you can still do a lot even before inputting the confirmation code and you can begin adjusting your company profile in your "Google My Business" dashboard how and when you like.

Google My Business Dashboard: Central Management

The "Google My Business" dashboard functions virtually as a company's control center for the various Google services.

Google My Business Dashboard

For example, you automatically get a Google+ page, which can be maintained here. You are also linked to Google Analytics, which you might have to link with your own website first.

Furthermore, you can receive and manage customer ratings by being present on Google My Business. Photos and a description can be added.

An additional interesting feature are the Insights. Similar to what one obtains on Google Analytics, the number of visitors to your Google Plus company page and even the number of people that called up your website are displayed there.

Google My Business Insights

Simplified Overview, interesting SEO Factor

My personal conclusion is that Google My Business has considerably simplified the use of the entire Google platform with benefits for companies.

Obviously, you will hand all your information to Google, but, in one way or the other, we do that every day by using the search engine, Analytics or AdWords. With Google My Business, we, at least, obtain an overview of the Google Tools we use and the information we distribute through them.

Last but not least, the SEO factor of the service is very interesting, due to the website and the keywords, with which you describe your business. Through the Google My Business dashboard, you comfortably store all important information about your company in Google and will thus be found more easily using the terms, which you specified there.

Do you already have a company profile on Google My Business? If so, how do you like the new service?

(Picture credits: Screenshots taken from Google products. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., Use with permission.)

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