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From Germany To Asia: IST METZ GmbH Brings UV Systems To Japanese PCs And Smartphones With smooster CMS

2014.07.04 by 

From Germany To Asia: IST METZ GmbH Brings UV Systems To Japanese PCs And Smartphones With smooster CMS

It is always exciting when a company expands abroad, especially when it is a country as culturally different to Germany as Japan. Besides translating and pinpointing the products, it is especially important to build a presence on the internet in the target country for the best start. Having already worked on projects with customers in Japan before, we were looking forward to getting a medium-sized German company out there on the Japanese web. 

Die Website von IST METZ Deutschland

Full flexibility for the subsidiary website

IST METZ's Japanese website, made by smoosterThe customer IST METZ GmbH already had a large multi-lingual corporate site running in 6 languages on an enterprise CMS. Some adjustments needed to be made for the new Japanese website and integration into the current CMS wouldn’t work. The customer needed a system that would make it possible to create an exact visual copy of the existing German website, and that was flexible enough for country-specific settings, such as responsive design. smooster offered precisely this flexibility, plus the possibility of easily adopting the existing website design.

The CMS is available in English and German so that even the Japanese employees of the subsidiary company can easily update the content. The websites created by smooster can be in any language, using any desired characters.

New mobile experience and recognizable design

the responsive mobile website for IST METZ Japan

The Team representing IST METZ in Tokyo is small so it was important that they could edit the website themselves without much training. According to them mobile internet is more common in Japan than anywhere else, so a responsive web design needed to be added to the site, which didn’t yet exist in the German version. The Japanese IST METZ team and smooster then worked together on developing a smartphone view to match the existing corporate website. 

There was less content compared to the original website. Nevertheless, it was very important to IST METZ to adopt the corporate design of the German website exactly and keep the whole experience the same.

Less technology for faster results

In addition to HTML and CSS, most CMS work with different scripting languages, which complicate the direct transmission of the code to another CMS. We could therefore only transfer part of the existing code in order to use the design for smooster CMS.  However, as smooster manages without the PHP unlike the enterprise CMS, we were able to reconstruct the rest of the website with HTML and CSS and adjust the design pixel by pixel. By eliminating the script language, the export was doable in our usual time of 10 days, including the new responsive web design.

Straight onto the web, stress free

For new websites or redesigned ones, the registration of a domain or the relocation of existing domains is always part of the service from smooster. For IST METZ, the various country-specific domains were already registered at the same servers that they used for the enterprise CMS. To ensure the all-round service of smooster including updates, maintenance and backup we found a solution together with IST METZ Germany. Now the domains remain with the original host, while hosting for the website, CMS and the email accounts is provided by smooster. This way the team of IST METZ Japan can make full use of smooster’s services.

Markus Thinnes, head of the Japanese branch, finally gave us the all clear for the website, so we were able to put it online with a single click during the conversation.

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Image source: HEIWA4126 on flickr under LIcENce CC BY 2.0

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