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Express Option for Airy Lofts: 2 Websites in 2x5 Days

October 16, 2014, by Sebastian Maier


Stylish and yet authentic living in the heart of Ludwigshafen, Germany; that is what HEMSHOF.LOFT represents. In the course of this project, a building listed as a historical monument was fully renovated and expanded to 15 airy lofts on five floors by the Jarcke architectural firm. In addition, the buyers of the loft apartments can choose their new gem in one of the three individual design variants.

Elegantly Classic and a 100 % Pixel Perfect Website

Not only the stylish and, at the same time, authentic loft living is individual, but also the elegantly classic design of the website could be realised by smooster pixel perfect one to one.

Express Option in 2 Steps

Since the website had to go online at the time of the opening of HEMSHOF.LOFT, the implementation process was under much time pressure. Thanks to the smooster express option of 5 instead of 10 days, the tight schedule could be complied with unproblematically.

To this end, the website was built in two steps. Initially, there was a simple transition page in the first 5 days consisting of the homepage, imprint, and privacy policy. A navigation was not yet available in this version. This transition page should serve to represent an information point for those initially interested in the website and to let Google indexing start.

Information Presented Responsively and in the Best Possible Way

The final layout was already set in the transition page, but thanks to the two-step website planning, the agency had sufficient time to create the text and pictures, finetune with the client, and include the first empirical values from the transition page.

The final website that went online after five more days finally contained additional functions like a navigation, an individual slideshow in the header of each page as well as in the content area and sub-layouts, in order to represent all information  for instance about location or furnishings  in the best possible way.

HEMSHOF.LOFT responsive design

Both pages were implemented using responsive design, since the website, as mentioned earlier, was supposed to serve as a first port of call for interested parties, who were made aware of the real estate project via, for instance, the media or the poster on the building itself.

On the day the final website went online, the first viewing visits, to which we were invited, also took place. I, personally, thought it was great to experience a web project “in real life”. Do you guys have similar sentiments?

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