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“Dry” Subjects and Exciting Web Design: Yes, It Works!

04.09.2014 by 

GSG Website Screenshot

Building unique websites for jewelry, hotels or clothing is often not so difficult. But what about products or services that are less "sexy"? The following websites show that you can create a trendy website and play on emotions in these sectors too.

The attorney: www.michaelgonzalezfirm.com

Michael Gonzalez Website Screenshot

The website of the American attorney Michael Gonzalez is a design experience from start to finish. It begins with the customized logo in the upper left corner, which has a tie integrated into it. Moreover, the welcome text is displayed like an input field in a word processing program – and it even works in responsive design!

The big eye candy really is the video, which ushers you into the website and places Michael Gonzalez's character in the spotlight. Individual videos of the attorney are integrated into the subpages of his specialities too. Thus, he evokes sympathies and builds the trust of potential clients.

The B2B software provider: www.croscon.com

Croscon Website Screenshot

The web presence of Croscon proves that enterprise software is definitely not a dry subject, because no design trick was missed here: a grid one pager with a fixed header, a modern, flat typeface, huge pictures and clear lines.

The animation at the top left corner under the logo, in which various words are keyed in, is the first eye candy and turns up again in the responsive design too.

The Master Dental Technician: gonzalez-zahntechnik.de

Gonzalez Master Dental Technician Website Screenshot

Gonzalez the Second! Visitors to the website of the master dental technician José de San José González are promptly "pulled into" the website by the slideshow and the aesthetic pictures. The straightforward, modern design lets the visitor realize that the website is more than just the presentation of a practice – one appreciates the master dental technician as an exclusive provider and expert in his field.

The use of responsive design, in which all the important information can be found in a user-friendly manner on the homepage and the telephone numbers dialled directly, is particularly successful in this website. (By the way, this is a smooster project.)

The Metal Processing Company: www.gsg.it

GSG Website Screenshot

The Italian metal processing company GSG makes a great show of one of the hottest web design trends of the year, parallax scrolling. Behind the stenciled text on the homepage, a video, which gives impressions from production, is played. If you scroll down a bit, you can watch the video in its entirety.

The animations work as smoothly in responsive design as they do on the large display. Otherwise, huge images and a clear design are the central design elements of the web presence.

So you see, creativity and "dry" subjects are not opposites. The brand identity of every single company can be packaged in unique, exciting web design, even if the product seems less emotional at first (which is mostly the case only at first glance).

How did you guys like these examples?

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