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Domain Transfer - How it Works and What you Need to Know

2014.06.25 by 

Domain transfer - How it Works and What you Need to Know

There are many reasons for changing your hosting provider. A better deal, faster load times, improved availability or the choice of a new CMS can all play a role. To continue to use your domain and the associated e-mail accounts, you will need to move them to the new provider. This article explains how a domain transfer works and what else you should know about the process.

Domain and Hosting - Together yet Separate

If you already have a website, you also have a registered domain and a hosting contract. Even though you can usually get both from the same provider, domain and hosting are still two independent elements. Hosting includes all data that make up the website and, in the case of CMS, the program through which the contents of the website are processed. The domain is the address of the site. This address can be registered, managed or moved independently from hosting.

Domain transfer: Request for an Auth code

To begin with the relocation of your domain, you will start by informing your current provider that

you want to move the domain. Depending on the provider, you may have to fill out a standard form, and in some cases a simple e-mail is enough. You will then receive the so-called auth code (authorization code) which you will need to register the domain with a new provider.

The auth code is issued by the provider only to the holder of the domain. Depending on which domain extension you own, it could happen that even after the input of the auth code you will need to reconfirm the legality of the move to the new provider. For .de domains, auth codes are generated automatically and they expire after 30 days. Take this timeframe into consideration when moving.

E-mail Mailbox Relocation: Order Matters

If email addresses are linked to your domain, you should also move the associated mailboxes, otherwise you could end up paying double costs. To ensure that no emails are lost, you should set up the new mailbox prior to the domain transfer. Due to various quirks of internet technology, it can take up to 48 hours until the new e-mail provider is known to all the servers. E-mails that you receive at this time can therefore end up in both the new and the old mailboxes. After 48 hours all emails to your usual address should arrive in your new mailbox.

Domain Transfer, Mailbox Relocation and Business Hosting Plans - All Included

We at smooster are convinced that your domain name, your e-mail address, reliable hosting, and the ability to edit the content of your website wherever you have an internet connection are the basic components that make working with your website a satisfying experience.

This is why we will take care of the registration or relocation of your domains and seting up a new e-mail mailbox for every new smooster website. For the domain transfer we just need the auth code and we’ll take care of everything else. We'll send you the login information for your new e-mail account and everything you need if you want to access your emails with mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. On request, we can also take care of moving your old emails into your new mailbox. If you’re interested, contact us for an offer.

You can easily plan and design your website and be sure that everything is set up when you need it.


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