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Creative Website Features for the Christmas Season

November 20, 2014, by Sebastian Maier

Website Features Christmas

How fast the time passes! To me, it feels as though 2014 has only just begun, but now the year is almost over. On the plus side, this means that it will soon be Christmas again. A good time to be inspired by the following website examples of festive and wintry web design.


visitfinland.com Website Features Christmas

The official travel site of Finland, VisitFinland.com, not only shows off its wintry design, but completes the picture with the slideshow below of seasonally themed images such as "A True Northern Christmas". So it creates a thoroughly festive mood, building the desire for the experience of a Finnish Christmas feast.

Website Features visitfinland.com Christmas


DaWanda Website Feature Christmas

Online shop DaWanda prepares customers for the festive season with a Christmas landing page. A tightly stocked onepager incites Christmas shopping.

When scrolling down, visitors will find gift ideas, gift tips and DIY instructions. The design in browns, greens and greys provides not only the festive atmosphere, but also a natural and creative flair.


schneevongestern Website Feature Christmas

Snows of yesterday? More like the Christmas post of tomorrow. On this microsite, the advertising agency, Lachs von Achtern, uses a built-in timer to remind visitors that the holidays are on their way - and a reminder that it is time to think about how to share the Christmas spirit with their customers. Best done, of course, with the assistance of the agency, which can be requested directly through a message box.

Website Feature Timer schneevongestern Christmas

This microsite conveys the true Christmas spirit with an animated snowfall, which can be switched off with a click of the arrow underneath. After which, surprisingly, a flowery meadow appears, probably to support the wordplay of "snows of yesterday."

The Christmas themed portfolio of the agency is shown in tiles. By clicking on a tile the image takes up the entire screen and the gallery can be clicked through.

Why and When is a Christmas Design Recommended?

During the holiday season, the cash tills are ringing everywhere. Every retailer knows that. Consequently, it is in the retail sector that it always makes sense to make big-spending Christmas shoppers’ “mouth water”.

As can be seen in the third example, the "snows of yesterday", there are also entrepreneurs whose customers are companies for whom the Christmas period is advantageous.

So it's worth investing in a festive, wintery design for anyone who can use it to boost their business.

Do you have special offers that you can or will offer your customers in the pre-Christmas period? How will you promote them?

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