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CMS Update: Improved Slideshow Editing and the First Steps of the New Folder Structure

2014.08.01 by 

CMS Update: Improved slideshow editing and the first steps of the new folder structure

We always develop the best ideas for new CMS functions while working on web projects with you guys. That is what has, in the last few weeks, given us the necessary kick to further develop the editing of slideshows through projects. With the last CMS update we have simplified the editing process so that slideshows can now be adapted directly in the usual inline editor.

We are also currently working to further improve the folder structure.

Editing slideshows directly in CMS

This function is available immediately for all new slideshows. Once the slideshow has been implemented, it can be edited directly in the CMS via the Extra Panel.

If you would like to convert your existing website to the new editing function, then please contact us.

Füge ganz einfach neue Bilder hinzu oder ändere die Reihenfolge in der Slideshow mit smooster CMS.

Pictures appear in a numbered overview in which they can be easily deleted or new pictures can be added. The order can also be changed here by replacing pictures.

Durch “Schließen” kehrst du wieder zurück in die gewohnte Inline-Editing-Übersicht der Unterseite, ohne den Editor verlassen zu müssen.

German Text on top = "You can edit your slideshow here. To save changes, please click "Close" on the upper right corner.
Schließen = Close, Neues Bild hinzufügen = Add new image

By clicking “close” you can revert to the usual inline editing overview of the subpage without having to leave the editor.

The pictures will then be shown in the same size as usual.

First steps on the way to a new folder system

At the moment we are working on a better structure for the folder system. You can already see a small foretaste in the page overview. In addition to the folder overview on the left you can also find the folder in a grid.

Die ersten Schritte vom neuen Ordnersystem.

We will of course tell you about the next steps here in this blog.

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