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15th Web Monday in Mannheim, Germany: Not yet another CMS!

October 23, 2014, by Sebastian Maier

Not another cms Web Monday 15

“Oh God, not yet another CMS!” I definitely do not know how often I have heard this exact phrase or a variation of it, when a new Content Management System was being discussed somewhere.

Since, at first glance, many people just see smooster CMS as just that – “yet another CMS” – I picked this oft-repeated line with a wink as the title for my talk at the15th Web Monday. This event took place in Mannheim, Germany on October 6.

Sebastian Maier Web Monday 15

After all, I knew that there would be about 50 IT-savvy listeners, who often feel satiated by new tools, systems, and gadgets. Therefore, they can hardly be convinced of the sense and purpose of a new solution.

Guests Web Monday 15

Thus, I started my talk with an overview of once new solutions, which, in spite of users’ initial skepticism, could give the market a really good shake up. Examples are Skype, Google Apps or the iPhone.

Jetzt erst recht Web Monday 15

I also described what smooster CMS does differently while explaining points like the ease of operation, the 100%, pixel perfect implementation of every single design and the clearly-defined target audience small- and medium-scale enterprises.

In addition, there was a slide and a short overview of how smooster finally emerged and what hurdles I had to scale in order to develop smooster. At this point, the 15 minutes allotted to each speaker for the keynote address was already finished. The questions that followed showed me that I could awaken the interest of the listeners and that they liked the idea behind smooster very much.

By the way, a lot of tweeting also took place during the Web Monday - what a positive feedback of enthusastic listeners:

Tweet Feedback Web Monday 15

Tweet Web Monday 15

I derive an incredible amount of pleasure from presenting smooster to a new audience each and every time. I look forward, in particular, to the questions, because they give me the opportunity to explain our product and, in particular, its additional values in greater depth for that is my passion!

Do you like attending events like the Web Monday, in order to remain informed? Or do you like presenting something every now and then?

(Photo credits: Webmontag MRM)

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