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Curtain Open, Light on: 10 Websites That Keep Products in the Limelight

2014.06.05 by 

Curtain open, light on: 10 websites that keep products in the limelight

Whether they have a startup or a long-established business, anyone who wants to introduce either a single product or a small number of products with a website wants to arouse interest and target emotions. The website can be completely built around the product. For a startup the website is the place to gain the interest of new fans, or to keep supporters of previous crowdfunding up-to-date. Maybe someone who has been in business for a long time wants to give his product a new image or provide information about a new product.

The following websites make use of a selection of current trends from which you can gain inspiration for your next product page.


Prong verwendet großflächige Videos

Prong utilises a large-scale video which shows their Smartphone cover with charging function in use over an entire day. The scroll-activated animations running on the website then show yet more information about the product. The most important elements are all available on a single page website. A visitor can access more information via the footer.


Torre verwendet großflächige Bilder und kleine Animationen

The website from Torre also uses large-scale pictures on its home page. In the rest of the website you can find many large pictures of the products, and small animations that allow for the contents to fade in a little at a time.


Manual verwendet animierte Bilder und hochauflösende Fotos

Manual uses a lot of high-resolution as well as animated pictures and videos to show the products in action and evoke emotions. Each of their three products is presented individually on a separate page.


Keecker verwendet scrollaktivierte Animationen auf einem Onepager

The Keeker multimedia projector is presented with all its functions on the homepage. In order to explore, the visitor can either scroll or use the navigation at the bottom edge. The simple bright design is livened up with small animations merging with the text, or a parallax effect, for example on the About page.


Die Website von Grovemade ist ein Onepager mit hochauflösenden Bildern.

The Grovemade website shows the various wooden iPad and iPhone cases in a large-scale slider on the home page. The site is built as a single page website which is operated by scrolling or using navigation.


Evolution Fresh verwendet Slider mit Videos

This juice company’s website connects a slider with three points and the popular trend for high- resolution video. In the lower part blog articles, tweets and Instagram pictures are dovetailed in a grid. In addition, the small animations on the juice subpage livens up the presentation.


Levelfood verwendet auffällige Typografie und ungewöhnliche Slideranimationen

Levelfoods combine slider and raster on their site. They use large pictures and colourful typography, and give a fresh look to a topic where one might perhaps not expect it: dietary supplements for diabetes patients.


Die Website von Soyuz Coffee Roasting ist ein Onepager mit Parallaxeffekt

Soyuz Coffee Roasting put the focus on their different blends of coffee. On this single page website with parallax effect, the visitor finds out more about coffee and the various blends on offer, and at the same time the appropriate emotions are appealed to through the many pictures.


Samsung verwendet scrollaktivierte Animationen in einem Onepager

On Samsung’s Turkish microsite, it’s all about a vacuum cleaner. The site is built as a single page website with parallax effect and uses various scroll-activated animations for the individual points as well as videos.


EasyMop verwendet scrollaktivierte Animationen

The EasyMop website also uses a single page website. Individual pictures or text appear a little at a time as you scroll.

Do you want not only to introduce that first album, revolutionary hardware or hand-made jewellery but also sell your product through your website? Take a look at our SMOOSTER MINISHOPS and show your product to the world.

Which product websites have influenced you, and stayed in your memory?

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