Team smooster

Team smooster

Sebastian Maier CEO & Founder / Software Development at smooster

Sebastian Maier

CEO & Founder / Software Development

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Before founding smooster in 2012, Sebastian was working together with designers on web projects for years. HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby are like a second nature to him. His passion for user friendly technology and the idea to make web services easier and more enjoyable for designers pushed him to develop smooster. In addition, he guides the team and makes sure everyone feels comfortable and is committed to their work.

Fun Fact: Sebastian isn’t only a superb BBQ chef but a very good cook in general.

Sandra Latinovic Management Assistant at smooster

Sandra Latinovic

Management Assistant

Sandra stays on top of things and always has Sebastian’s back. She organises the office and it will probably be her you will first meet here at smooster. With her professional background and heartfelt nature she handles our customer support.

Fun Fact: Sandra can describe films she has never seen before so vividly, you would think she owns the Collector’s Edition.

Vivienne Neuwirth Head of Marketing & Project Management at smooster

Vivienne Neuwirth

Head of Marketing & Project Management

Vivienne is responsible for strategic brand communication and manages the website projects that are coded by our team. She is the one who bridges the gap between designer and technology. Vivienne feels at home writing websites in HTML and CSS, and guarantees our high quality standard for all websites built by team smooster.

Fun Fact: Vivienne likes her yoga routine or the long walks with her dog Leon

Madeleine Maier Marketing Assistant at smooster

Madeleine Maier

Marketing Assistant

Madeleine takes care of the social media channels and our blog. She started building simple websites in HTML while still in school and she was able to refresh her knowledge when she joined our team. Despite her degree in History she now is quite happy to write texts without footnotes. Madeleine also supports Vivienne with marketing tasks and the website quality check.

Fun Fact: Madeleine doesn’t only handle chopsticks well but is fluent in Japanese as well.