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smooster - new designer assistant

August 20, 2014 - Press Release

smooster - new designer assistant

Mannheim, Germany, August 20, 2014: Designers without programming skills definitely do not have it easy these days. Classic graphic design is still in demand, yet hardly a freelancer or agency comes around to the topic of web design. Even small and medium-sized companies are increasingly expected to have more web expertise. Those that do not have the knowledge at hand must rely on developers. But that does not always mean relief. Often this comes with higher project costs, lower profit, and limited predictability of the project - mainly because of technical delays. Designers must decline many requests, not because of the processes themselves, but because of the small payout for the effort involved. 

The startup company smooster provides these designers and agencies an online web-project service that allows them to use 30 percent less time and cost. And with full design freedom and predictability! Within ten days, smooster creates ready-to-use website layouts with Content Management System using Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, all at fixed prices that start at 399 euros. On request, we will use Responsive Design.

smooster facilitates the needs of designers and agencies - and encourages new business
smooster is a Software-as-a-Service utility tailored for designers and to their needs. Sebastian Maier, founder and CEO, has collected the necessary experience during his more than ten years as a developer and consultant. His knowledge allows him to personally know which services designers and agencies desire the most.  "During my time as a developer and consultant, I have often found that customers of these small and medium-sized freelance designers and agencies have very high expectations – but they usually do not have the required budget to meet them.  Or, as it is said from the technical side, "It just doesn’t work."  A phrase that most designers simply do not want to hear. And rightly so!In addition, the designers and their customers complain alike as these website projects are too complicated to edit and maintain. This sparked my ambition to develop a service that can convert almost any idea and every customer desire in the form of a website. All within a few days, and at fair and clear prices. But, there was still nothing comparable that fulfilled all of these requirements, including hosted CMS. I felt compelled to take it into my own hands and develop a solution. So, smooster came into being. Today, we facilitate the needs of designers and agencies."  - Sebastian Maier, smooster founder and CEO. 

 A remarkable development that smooster can boost: Agencies in the order of 30 to 50 employees use the smooster service and the CMS increasingly to generate new business in the web area, which previously was not an option. smooster not only facilitates the ideas and needs of designers and agencies - it apparently also revives their business!

smooster - Additional Features at a Glance:

  • Professional Software as a Service (SaaS) for graphic/web designers and web agencies

  • Complete freedom of design ­- put website designs online „1:1“, comfortably, without unnecessary compromises or technical barriers

  • Up to 30 percent faster - optimizing the workflow of (web) designers

  • Implementation of layouts (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) at a fixed price within 10 days as ready-to-use website incl. CMS

  • Web designers can quickly and comfortably equip static websites with a CMS

  • No additional hosting, no installation, no setup, no manual updates thanks to cloud concept

  • Reduced, clear, and client-friendly smooster CMS

  • Inline-Editing: direct website editing and maintenance according to the „What you see is what you get“ principle (WYSIWYG)

  • CI security: designer defines sections that can be edited by the client

  • Location-independent and collaborative workflow - thanks to multi-user access

  • Suitable for web projects of small and medium-sized enterprises with a

  • technical budget between €400 and €3,000

  • affordable business tool for graphic, web designers and agencies starting at €9/month. Manageable costs which designers can invoice to clients