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July 9, 2014 - Press Release

An unpleasant scenario: When websites are inactive because their owners all of a sudden can’t access their own site anymore - are downright locked out. There are a number of possible reasons for this: Be it that the former student who programmed the site doesn’t find the time to maintain it anymore. Be it that the cooperation with a freelance web developer has ended and what he left behind is some quite unconventional code. In most cases however, the reason is most likely the lack of a client-friendly content management system that allows the owner of the site to at least change and update content.

In these cases, smooster offers a solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME): The startup from Mannheim, Germany, takes the existing website, implements it into the smooster system and makes it accessible to its owner once again using its in-house CMS - instead of reprogramming it, which would be expensive and time-consuming. The recovery service starts at €799, depending on the effort required, and the smooster CMS starts at €9 per month.

Website Recovery: Migrate, Cleanup Code, Establish CMS - Turn Over to the Customer

Gerettet Dank Umzug und smooster cms ist die Website wieder in eigener Hand

Primarily, smooster is a service and content management system that allows designers to have website designs based on Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator implemented exactly as intended in a time and cost-saving manner. And precisely that 1:1 implementation of designs can be applied to existing websites as well. The smooster team keeps the layout of the website, revises the code and implements the website with a new, client-friendly content management system. Within ten days, the owner gets his website back - accessible, clear, and autonomously editable.

If not in place already, the site receives a responsive design. Here, the website owner can decide whether they want to handle the project “website recovery” themselves using smooster or to hand over coordination to their (web) designers. In either case, the costs are usually lower than for reprogramming the site.

„Cooperation with designers on such projects has proven successful in the past. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are working with one already. The benefit: Our team and the designers speak the same language. That simplifies and speeds up the whole process - including coordination. Moreover, with smooster, the designer can decide which sections of the website can be edited by the client and which can’t. This way, the designer stays in charge of the website design-wise while their customer can still change and update content at their own discretion,“ says Sebastian Maier, smooster’s founder and CEO.

The smooster Service - More than Just a Content Management System

Since 2012 smooster has been implementing website layouts for designers. In order to do so, all the smooster team needs is a graphic design in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Within ten days, the designer receives a ready-to-use website - including a client-friendly CMS. Recently, smooster started offering another feature, which especially web designers will appreciate: smooster allows them to integrate an already existing, static website into smooster and equip them with a CMS in no time. Thus smooster is suitable for graphic as well as web designers. The web software allows both of them to freely design and comfortably implement websites according to their client’s needs.

smooster - Additional Features at a Glance:

  • Professional Software as a Service (SaaS) for graphic/web designers and web agencies

  • Complete freedom of design ­- put website designs online „1:1“, comfortably, without unnecessary compromises or technical barriers

  • Up to 30 percent faster - optimizing the workflow of (web) designers

  • Implementation of layouts (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator) at a fixed price within 10 days as ready-to-use website incl. CMS

  • Web designers can quickly and comfortably equip static websites with a CMS

  • No additional hosting, no installation, no setup, no manual updates thanks to cloud concept

  • Reduced, clear, and client-friendly smooster CMS

  • Inline-Editing: direct website editing and maintenance according to the „What you see is what you get“ principle (WYSIWYG)

  • CI security: designer defines sections that can be edited by the client

  • Location-independent and collaborative workflow - thanks to multi-user access

  • Suitable for web projects of small and medium-sized enterprises with a

  • technical budget between €400 and €3,000

  • affordable business tool for graphic, web designers and agencies starting at €9/month. Manageable costs which designers can invoice to clients