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smooster - New Designer Assistant

Mannheim, Germany, August 20, 2014

smooster - new designer assistant

Mannheim, August 20, 2014: Designers without programming skills definitely do not have it easy these days. Classic graphic design is still in demand, yet hardly a freelancer or agency comes around to the topic of web design. Even small and medium-sized companies are increasingly expected to have more web expertise. Those that do not have the knowledge at hand must rely on developers. But that does not always mean relief. Often this comes with higher project costs, lower profit, and limited predictability of the project - mainly because of technical delays. Designers must decline many requests, not because of the processes themselves, but because of the small payout for the effort involved. 

The startup company smooster provides these designers and agencies an online web-project service that allows them to use 30 percent less time and cost. And with full design freedom and predictability! Within ten days, smooster creates ready-to-use website layouts with Content Management System using Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, all at fixed prices that start at 399 euros. On request, we will use Responsive Design. More

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Locked Out: Software as a Service Makes Websites Accessible Again / smooster Saves Inactive Websites

Mannheim, Germany, July 9, 2014

Gerettet Dank Umzug und smooster cms ist die Website wieder in eigener Hand

An unpleasant scenario: When websites are inactive because their owners all of a sudden can’t access their own site anymore - are downright locked out. There are a number of possible reasons for this: Be it that the former student who programmed the site doesn’t find the time to maintain it anymore. Be it that the cooperation with a freelance web developer has ended and what he left behind is some quite unconventional code. In most cases however, the reason is most likely the lack of a client-friendly content management system that allows the owner of the site to at least change and update content.

In these cases, smooster offers a solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME): The startup from Mannheim, Germany, takes the existing website, implements it into the smooster system and makes it accessible to its owner once again using its in-house CMS - instead of reprogramming it, which would be expensive and time-consuming. The recovery service starts at €799, depending on the effort required, and the smooster CMS starts at €9 per month. More

smooster press release
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Software as a Service for Designers – Up to 30% Time Savings / smooster – for carefree web design

Mannheim, Germany, June 4, 2014

Edit content right inside your website
Navigate different areas via the extra panel
Repeatable regions, like the menu, can be edited via the extra panel
Edit texts and images right inside the website.
Experience smooster for free, with out 30 days free trial.
Build your own website in smooster CMS with just HTML and CSS

Screenshots: smooster CMS & in-page-editing (click thumbnail for full size image)

Website builders are very popular. They allow almost anyone to create a website without knowing anything about graphic design or website development. But what do professional graphic and web designers themselves use, who find the templates and specifications of these builders too rigid and the content management systems (CMS) such as Wordpress & Co. sometimes too cluttered? What do they use when they have to work on several website projects at the same time, when customers have very concrete ideas, and when time saved is money earned? 

The German startup smooster ( fills a gap by offering a Software as a Service solution that reduces the designer’s workload by up to 30 percent and at the same time makes the implementation of website layouts free and easy. In other words, smooster is a service and a content management system that makes it possible to implement website designs precisely and efficiently, producing websites that are distinct, freely designed and entirely different from prefabricated ones. More

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Villa B, Short Term Rentals, web development by smooster
Gonzales Dental Laboratory, web development by smooster
website of a dentist, web development by smooster
website of hairstylist Scissorrella, web development by smooster
website Villa B, web development by smooster
website of Villa B short term rentals, web development by smooster


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