Free Space for Inspiration, Ideas and Design

The world we live in today is more exciting and faster than ever before. We constantly collect new impressions that then grow into new ideas. For these ideas to thrive, we need free spaces, to cultivate and shape them.

Technology supports us in reaching the goals, that we have set for ourselves. We have plenty of possibilities at our fingertips, that we can reach with just a few clicks. It doesn’t even matter, where we are at the time the idea hits us. We’ve become more flexible and ask the same of the tools that support us - to create the spaces that we need to be creative. These possibilities excite us at smooster and gave us the spark to build something new: technology that adapts to people

This flexible technology allows for more free time, that is necessary for the essence of every successful project: unique ideas. We want to make these ideas come to live and we built smooster as a system that supports them, without limiting them.

Similar systems exist, but they are big and complicated. CMS like Wordpress, Typo3 or Drupal all have their place, but they’ve grown too big and overloaded with features. These systems take a lot of time and effort to set up, for a huge amount of features you might never need for your project. 

Adaptive technology also means asking which features are really needed and reducing them to those necessary to make an idea come to life. The tools we use should not be so complex as to get in the way of the person using them

We believe that unique web design isn’t an exclusive luxury for big brands with big budgets and we are the company that helps bring those creative ideas to life on the web.